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Hamilton Family Dentistry

Advanced Dental Technology in Hamilton

Technology is at its best when it’s making life easier. Cars make getting across town fast and efficient, and cell phones make it possible for us to find out almost anything instantly from the palm of our hand. It’s no surprise that innovative dental techniques and technologies constantly transform our ever changing field. At Hamilton Family Dentistry, our dentists and team members complete countless continuing education hours each year to stay at the forefront of technology in order to ensure our patients get the fastest, most effective, and painless treatments possible. Contact our team to find out more or schedule an appointment. We welcome patients for Fortson and other nearby communities to visit our Hamilton, GA dental office.

Intraoral Camera

Let’s face it. Dentist’s go to school for years to understand the complex and minute inner workings of patients’ smiles. They don’t go to school to be talented story tellers or successful educators who can accurately describe the oral health issues they see and how to treat them. Luckily, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Intraoral photography may have had the most profound impact on patient care of any dental technology developed in the last century. Using specially designed cameras, we capture images of patients’ teeth, damaged areas, existing restorations, and walk patients through oral health concerns they’re facing as well as carefully explaining how various treatment options will improve their oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Radiographs, commonly referred to x-rays, transformed the medical field by giving doctors and dentists the ability to see internal bodily structures without cutting patients open. Having a complete understanding of how underlying dental structures function is essential in diagnosing oral health issues in their earliest stages and planning for effective treatments to renew oral health. Unlike traditional x-ray technology, digital x-rays allow our team to see high-definition images of patients’ dental structures immediately on chairside computer monitors where they can be enlarged or enhanced for clear and easy patient education and treatment planning. Digital x-rays are also easily transferred to other computers, so dental labs, insurance providers, and specialists can have access to these files right away, reducing overall treatment time.

Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers are used in a variety of medical, technical, and other fields to improve precision, comfort, and effectiveness of a number of tasks. At Hamilton Family Dentistry, we use soft tissue lasers to make a number of treatments quicker and more comfortable for our patients. Most frequently, we recommend the use of soft tissue lasers instead of traditional scalpel and sutures for patients who are struggling with gum disease. Laser treatment for gum disease allows us to remove just the tissue that is damaged and cauterize as we treat to reduce bleeding during the procedure and accelerate healing time following care.


In the past, the crown process was messy and lengthy. First, a dentist had to take traditional impressions of a patient’s teeth, which could be messy and uncomfortable. Then, the patient had to wear a temporary crown for a week or longer while a third-party dental lab created the permanent restoration. Today, CEREC technology allows us to streamline the process. We simply take detailed digital scans of a patient’s teeth, and we use those to design a crown. Then, an in-house milling unit crafts the restoration out of high-quality dental ceramic. After we make any needed final adjustments to it, we place it in the patient’s mouth. The entire process takes just one appointment!

Sirona XG CT Scanner

Traditional digital dental x-rays give our Hamilton dentist and team a clear, two-dimensional image of one section of your smile. However, when more advanced dental treatments are necessary or we need to take a closer look at an individual tooth, the Sirona XG CT scanner allows us to see a complete three-dimensional view of a single tooth or the full smile. We utilize the CT scanner to simplify the diagnosis and planning process and ensure precise and effective treatments. While a 3D CT scan can be used for just about any treatment, we typically utilize these services for more advanced procedures like dental implant tooth replacement and orthodontics.

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