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Providing You With Fast, Pain-Relieving Urgent Dental Care

In most cases, it’s impossible to prevent dental emergencies from occurring, and they can quickly turn a relaxing afternoon into a stressful evening. That’s why the team at Hamilton Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing same day emergency dentistry appointments for our patients whenever we possibly can. On the rare occasions when we’re unable to provide same-day care, one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to answer your questions, walk you through first aid and pain management, and help you determine whether you should visit the nearest emergency room, all over the phone. If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency any time, contact our office. Even if it’s after hours, you can follow the instructions on our voicemail to reach someone right away.

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

During a dental emergency, time is of the essence, which is why it’s a good idea to have the number of your local emergency dentist in Hamilton’s number readily available. If you’re worried your emergency may be life threatening, you believe your jaw is broken, or you experience a soft tissue injury that bleeds for more than an hour, we encourage you to proceed directly to your local emergency room. Once a physician evaluates your condition, we’re happy to partner with these medical professionals to provide safe, effective restorative dentistry services.

After you contact our office to schedule a visit you can use some of these tips and tricks to help ease your pain and prepare you for your appointment.


Toothaches are often signs of infections hidden deep beneath the surface of your tooth. To help with your pain, you can take over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or place a cold compress on the area for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

If you break or damage a tooth and it creates a sharp edge, you can place a piece of orthodontic wax or sugar-free gum over it to conceal the area and protect the tooth edge from irritating or cutting your lip or cheek. Try to retrieve the piece of tooth that has broken off and bring it to your appointment with you.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth was knocked-out, it’s important to try to get to our office within an hour of the accident so we have a better chance of being able to replant it back in its socket. Retrieve it off the ground, being sure to only handle it by the biting surface, and rinse off any dirt or debris with cool water. To keep the tooth alive, you’ll need to place it in a sealable container of milk or salt water and bring it to your appointment.

Lost Filling/Crown

Damaged or lost restorations require timely care, because if they aren’t repaired or replaced, it could result in an infection. If you are able to find your restoration, you can temporarily reattach it (after cleaning it off) to your tooth by using a small dab of denture adhesive or toothpaste.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

person holding their mouth in pain because they have a dental emergency
  • Although dental emergencies aren’t 100 percent preventable, there are some preventive measures you can take to reduce your risk of experiencing one:
  • Never use teeth as tools for opening packages or cracking nuts.
  • Always wear a mouthguard when participating in any sporting event where teeth may come in contact with other players or hard surfaces.
  • Avoid chewing on hard objects like ice or nails as this can cause chips and breakage over time.

Tooth Extractions

Do you need a severely damaged or impacted tooth extracted? At Hamilton Family Dentistry, we’ll try everything in our power to save your natural tooth, but if it will put your remaining healthy teeth in harm’s way, we’ll likely suggest having the tooth removed. We also offer high-quality restorations, such as dental implants, dentures, and bridges so you can retain the function and appearance of a completely natural smile.

Learn More about Tooth Extractions

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

a clean dental treatment room

The cost of an emergency dental appointment depends on a few factors, including the extend of the damage to your mouth, what treatment you require, and whether you’ll need to come again for follow-up visits. During your appointment, we’ll discuss the price of treatments with you and never leave you in the dark. We also offer in-house payment plans, additional financing options, and are more than happy to work with all insurance companies to help you maximize your benefits.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

woman holding the side of her face in pain

Dental emergencies can be scary, and it’s all too easy to panic when you don’t know exactly what to do. However, when you have the right dental team managing your situation, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. At Hamilton Family Dentistry, we’ll do everything in our power to get you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible. Until then, it may ease your mind to read through this list of frequently asked questions about emergency dentistry down below.

How Can I Manage the Pain at Home?

Every patient has a different level of pain tolerance, and some people require a little help mitigating the pain until they can reach our office. The best methods of doing this include taking an over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen, administering a topical pain reliver such as Orajel, and applying a cold compress to the area in ten-minute intervals for up to an hour. In the case of taking a pill for your pain, be sure to not place it directly to the sore area. Doing so could irritate the gum tissue and ultimately worsen your toothache.

How Soon Do I Need to Visit the Dentist?

We know that taking time out of your busy day to get a dental emergency treated isn’t exactly fun, but receiving the care you need is absolutely crucial. In some cases, such as a knocked-out tooth, getting to our office in a timely manner could even mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth! Since missing teeth come with a host of oral health problems, you’ll want to keep your natural pearly whites for as long as you can. Ideally, you’ll want to contact us as soon as the emergency arises to schedule an appointment.

Will It Hurt to Get Emergency Treatment?

Our first order of business when you arrive at our office for an emergency appointment is to get you out of pain. That way, you’ll have a clear head when we discuss various treatment options. Whether we decide to treat the issue right then and there or wait a few days, rest assured that we’ll make the process as comfortable for you as possible. Many emergency treatments, such as root canal therapy, will require a local anesthetic to be administered before they begin. Because of this, you shouldn’t feel any pain during your procedure.

Do Sensitive Teeth Count as a Dental Emergency?

It depends. Sometimes dental sensitivity is just a natural side effect of the aging process. In other cases, it may a sign of advanced gum disease. If your teeth appear longer than they used to due to receding gums, or your sensitivity is confined to one or two teeth, schedule an appointment with us right away. If not, try using a desensitizing toothpaste or mouthwash for a couple of weeks. Then, come see us if your symptoms don’t improve.

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