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I was so excited I cried when my mom forwarded the email to me about this opportunity. I have been to a few different dentists in town, hoping one could work with me on prices and procedures, I have had a lot of work done but I don’t ever have enough money to keep going to get them done. My teeth have been a constant struggle for the last several years, with painful abscesses and sensitivity to cold and hot or just eating in general. I rarely smile or laugh with my teeth showing because I’m worried about the way they look. Several years ago when my front teeth started to crack my husband sold something that meant a lot to him because he said he just wanted to see me smile again. And now we are here again. I work as a pre-k paraprofessional for special needs children and I know that the children at my school would love to see me smile at them more too. I hate my smile and I would love to be a finalist. I’ve seen Dr Arrington and his staff and I would feel so incredibly blessed to work with them to make me smile again. I have included some pictures of my teeth to this email. Thank you so very much for your consideration!


As a child, my parents did not give dental hygiene a priority and I did not have “regular” dental visits until the age of 18. However, by that time, a lot of problems had already surfaced and continued to surface throughout my adulthood; and, due to limited finances, I was unable to have the repairs needed for a healthy mouth. As the years progressed, other life events took precedence (i.e. children, divorce, caring for elderly parents, continuing my education, etc.), and as a result, I only have 6 upper teeth and 8 lower teeth, which has caused some shifting in my remaining teeth. The shifting has created a large gap between my front teeth (so large that I have avoided having my picture taken for years and I have noticed some changes in my speech).

As an educator, I would like to be able to model correct pronunciation for my students and not have to hide my mouth when they make me smile. As a grandmother, I would love to feel confident having my picture made with my grandchildren, so they’ll have lasting memories to cherish. Thank you again for your consideration,


When I met my husband, we moved to this area. He purchased a house in wonderful Harris County. Now I never plan on leaving! I was unaware how many good people were in this County! I was a tractor trailer driver before my first child. Then I started driving school buses for Harris County Board of Education. After, I started working in the cafeteria for Harris County after my second child was born. One of my favorite assistant principals, now a principal, talked me into using my substitute certificate so I could substitute in the schools because I was always there anyway supporting my children and their teachers in any way I could. I work with special education students and with Pre-K. Which are my favorite departments at the moment. I have always had a fear of looking for any job that puts me in the public eye because I feel that the stains on my teeth would be distracting or unnerving for people who did not understand how the stains came to be.

To my understanding my stains came from a medication I was given while I was a child. I am blessed to have great friends because they can see past the stains on my teeth. I still will not smile in pictures and have reservations of smiling because I do not want to embarrass the people who love me. I'm very outgoing but I feel that my teeth has stopped me from pursuing many things which could make me more helpful to other people. Id like to be as helpful to anyone as I can be. If I am the winner, I wonder how much more outgoing I can be. Because of this contest, I have found more confidence and am planning on taking the test to become a parapro. I cannot convey my excitement for being a nominee, it still feels like a dream and how this could possibly be happening to me.


I'm so excited to hear that I am one of the finalists in Hamilton Family Dentistry's $10,000.00 Smile Makeover. Being a single parent to 4, now young men, I've always put things on the back burner for myself and made sure they always had what they needed. Their smiles and health always came and still comes 1st. I work 2 job's the 1st being my 1st love, working with special needs. My 2nd job came into play when my 2nd son went to college and I've been working in the bakery at Publix for the past 5 years. There have been times I've needed to have work done, but I wasn't financially able to get it done. Therefore I ended up putting it off till I had no choice and ended up having my tooth pulled after having a very bad abscess. This was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

My face swole up and I literally looked like Cindy Lou Who. I was barely able to open my mouth and had to go on antibiotics for several day's before, I was even able to have it pulled. I currently wear a flipper mainly for another tooth I needed a root canal done on, but the tooth got worse before I could afford to have it done. Being that it's a front tooth, it really does bother me. The flipper that I'm wearing was only meant to be temporary, but with the cost of trying to get a permanent or a bridge I don't know when I'll be able to get it taken care of. I've had this flipper repaired twice due to the tooth breaking off. I know this is a temporary fix, but after discussing my options with Dr Arrington a permanent won't work and a bridge is my better choice. I would be more than grateful if I were to win this contest. It would surely help with motivating me to smile more and lift my spirits.

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